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Phil Johnson

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hope in Space

Bob Hope in senile dementia, attached to life support
by a high tech umbilical cord
                                                      floats from a NASA space ship

On a portable computer hanging by a strap from his neck
he writes his autobiography, last will & testament
without the slightest clue about the text strings he types

& he feels like a mosquito in space—distracted
                                                                                                            by a mosquito in space

                                 In the memory bank he makes his last withdrawal
falling back
to his buddies in Cleveland
                                         when the city was smaller
& you knew your neighbors

                                                          racing down to the lake,
amber bottles & a bald tire in mud,
                                                                              the sun
rip rippling their eyelids
                                                                                    first mosquito
                                lights on the wrinkled water

  as they flash
                    into wet holes & roll like buoys
                            to be Buck Rodgers in Lake Erie
                                    in the glassy womb

1999/2008   Phil Johnson

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